Gifts of Real Estate

Charitable Use of Property – whether you need it now or not

You may make a gift of real estate to Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital in a variety of ways. In some cases, you may transfer ownership in property to fund a gift that results in life income for you or a loved one. Our Foundation Office staff will be happy to provide information that enables you and the Hospital to make the best possible use of your gift of property.

Because of the complexity of real estate ownership and tax law, all gifts of property will be reviewed for undisclosed liabilities. Acceptance of a gift of real estate is less likely if there is a mortgage on the property since its value may be diminished by the encumbrance. Donors should seek professional counsel before transferring real estate to charity. Other considerations worth noting:

  • If the property is not your residence, you may enjoy substantial tax benefits by donating it.
  • Donating proceeds from the sale of property that has decreased in value provides a double deduction.

Unmortgaged property may be used to fund a Charitable Remainder Trust and become a source of income for you and other beneficiaries.

Before you sell real estate, consider the option of donating it to Martha Jefferson to support our mission. You can give the property outright, place it in trust, retain the use of it for life, or give it by will.  Any of those methods will enable you to enjoy personal financial benefits while supporting our work in a meaningful way. To learn more, see Charitable Gift Planning - Real Estate

For a personal conversation about these and other tax-advantaged gifts, please contact Kimberly Skelly or call the Foundation office at (434) 654-8258.

To learn how we recognize our generous donors, please see Donor Recognition.


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