Dear SMJH doctors,

Thanks for the wonderful care you provide to our patients each and everyday. We are fortunate to have you here and honored to work beside you in caring for our community members.

 -        Amy Black


Dear Dr. Paul Tesorerie,

Thank you for your devotion to patients and team. Your leadership helps us continue to shine at SMJH!

Happy Doctor's Day!

-        LaDonna Winegar


Thank you so much for taking good care of us through this trying time. It's much appreciated.

-        K & W Harlow


Dr. Erika Struble,

Thank you for all that you do! Your leadership in the SMJH Cancer Center inspires and guides us through good times and challenging ones (2020!). Your devotion to patients and families is one of the many gifts that you bring every day.

Happy Doctor's Day!

-        LaDonna Winegar


May your days be wonderful and healthy like you make it for others. I want to thank you this Doctors Day!

You are an incarnation of God to others!

Happy Doctor's Day

-        Adahlia Lewis


Dr. Sweeney,

Happy Doctor's Day. Thank you for all the years of care you have given me and others. Hope your next phase in life is a great one.

Best Wishes,

-       Carlton Carroll


Dr Pritchard- thank you for putting up with a tough patient and doing anything and everything needed in my long term cancer fight. I am lucky to have you.

-        Nick Heilman


There are not enough words to thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing excellent health care.

Especially during this incredibly challenging time, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all that you do. As someone with a myriad of health challenges, I have the utmost appreciation for the quality of medical professionals and care that I receive through every single provider I have met through Martha Jefferson.

-        Stephanie Goodwin 


Dr. Dengle and Dr. Hendrix and their teams are the reason I'm here. I've had breast cancer twice and Dr. Hendrix oversaw the radiation twice. The first time, 24 years earlier, and the second time the end of the infamous 2020. I love you guys!

-        Linda Gigel


Dr. Ed Wolanski is, hands down, the best doctor I've ever had in my entire life. I've never had a doctor care more than he did about my babies and me. He has helped me in so many ways. He is a truly wonderful person. I am forever grateful for his commitment to integrity and patient care. What an enormous blessing to the medical community and community at large he is.

-        Kelly Banning


Thank you Dr McConnell for your hard work and dedication to excellence in my medical care. May God continue to bless your practice and the care you show to me and others. Also to Nurse Tracy who shows her dedication to Dr McConnell and his patients by her professionalism and heartfelt care to me and I’m sure to the other patients as well.

-        Curtis Prousalis


Thank you SO MUCH for the extraordinary care I received during my hospitalization Feb 8-12, which resulted in getting my pacemaker and a new lease on life!!


With great appreciation,

-        Ken Engebretson


Many thanks for taking such good care of my son last month when he was seen in the emergency department. He was very nervous about coming into the hospital during Covid.

-        Anonymous


Thanks for calling, answering my online questions, meeting on video, adjusting appointments and most of all for reassuring me I’m getting your best care for my needs. Thank you.

-       Ed Rogers

DR. BRYCE KELLAMS, thanks for taking care of the whole collier family!! health and happiness to you and yours...

-        Sue Shepherd 

Deb Campbell you are an amazing and caring person! Thank you for being you! Happy National Doctors Day!

-        Justine Lanzon


Dr. John Edwards:

Thank you for the care you've given me over the past 5 years. I really appreciate your time and expertise. I have complete trust that you will use the right procedures and make the right recommendations for my health. Have a great day!

-    Rosi Beachy


Through the years of living here I have received excellent care by my Sentara doctors, Dr. Ann Klecan and Dr, Alex Shult. This has been a difficult year yet they have continued to be there for me. THANK YOU!!!

You are appreciated beyond measure.

-        Linda Keeney


Thank you for such great care when we had our baby in September 2020. We couldn’t be more grateful for each doctor and nurse. The care was unmatchable and a true gift from God.

-        Felicia Aldinger


I have so much gratitude to all the doctors who give loving care to their patients. Your kindness and concern and unending dedication is very much appreciated.

Thank you for all you do.

-      Ginnie Gillen


A thousand thanks to all the wonderful doctors and nurses (and staff!) at MJH. Quality of care and good manners make a difference, and you are all clearly a cut above.

-        Roland Simon


Sincerest thanks to Dr. Kevin McCarthy, Dr. Brijbassie, Dr. Kipp, Dr. Duong Nguyen, and Dr. Nicholas Spinelli for the outstanding care they have provided to my husband, Michael. God bless you all.


Very best regards,

-       Eileen Vassallo


I am so thankful and proud to call you my fellow Americans. Your dedication and hard work has been the greatest sacrifice our country has been able to muster during this pandemic and it will forever be noted as such.

-        Anonymous


Thank you, Martha Jefferson/Sentara’s doctors, for your care, dedication, tireless efforts in using your training for our health & well-being. Thanks for your sensitivity to our physical & mental needs, your professionalism, & great bedside manners. Bless you. What an amazing gift from God to heal the sick!! 💗

-        Joan Quarles Brice


Thank you to Dr John McGovern. You look out for your patients and go the extra mile. Have a wonderful day.

-        Frederick Lambert


Dr Pritchard,

Happy Nat’l Dr Day.

We appreciate your attention to detail under normal circumstances and even more during this time. May you, family, and staff find a sense of renewal during this Easter Season.

See you in May. ( we got our first Moderna shot this month). James and Alice Grasewicz

-       James Grasewicz


Thanks to all the wonderful doctors who have taken such good care of me recently: Dr. Timothy Snow, Dr. Alan Brijbassie and Dr. Zachary Gregg. I will be forever grateful!

 -     Demi Runkle ( the joke lady)


I want to thank dr. Rachel mehaffey for her kindness and her caring and her wisdom. I don't know how I would have made it to the last couple years without her

-        Candida Franklin


As a healthcare provider that witnesses the compassion and professionalism of these two providers, Drs Brijbassie and Shakhatreh. I would like to say a huge Thank You for everyone that you touch in your daily walk. Your patients admire and respect you and are so appreciative of all that you can do for them and just praise you both! You are true gifts to Sentara-Martha Jefferson and our community!

-        Anonymous


Shout out to Dr. Lee my mother came to Martha during

covid she was in bad shape Dr. Lee made his accessment of her care and immediately put her in the

right place to where she is taking care of .. Thanks to him she looks good feel good and me and my brother can sleep at night Thank you Dr. Lee for saving my 89 year old

-        Sharon Ferguson


Im so greatful to have had the team of Doctors during my breast cancer back in 2018. The care and compassion they had was great. Im now doing well and have one more little thing to do to make this journey complete. Thank you so much to Dr.Brian Showalter Dr. Lynn Dengal Dr.Sylvia Hendrix and Dr. Adrew Romano for everything you and your staff has done for me. God Bless you all.

-        Cassie Wilmoth


Thank you to all the dedicated health care personnel that staff MJH hospital and care for all who pass through their doors. Know that you are appreciated, thought of often, prayed for and thanked often by the many whos lives you have touched. Thank you, and God bless for all you do.

-        Liz Blanchard


I want to thank each and everyone for their service they have provided. You all are front lines workers and you deserve a pat on the back. When someone leaves the hospital feeling good and healthy you all did a wonderful job. May God blessed you for making everything right.

-        Darlene Anderson


Thank you for all you do for our patients and staff! All of you are amazing and make our hospital a great place to work at. A special shout-out to Burkhard! He is such an amazing man. He buys pizza and coffee for our SIPC nurses multiple times a year. He is always willing to offer a helping hand and makes you feel comfortable asking questions. He is approachable and thoughtful. His care of patients is top notch. He is an extraordinary doctor and someone we should all look up to!

-        Heather Noble


To everyone in both the Cancer Center AND guys ROCK!!! Your skill at what you do is awe inspiring. And the smiles and compassion in every aspect of communication with patients is SO appreciated. It DOES make a difference to us and makes a very difficult and stressful journey MUCH more tolerable. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

-        Jeanne Beeler


As busy as she is, I always appreciate Dr. Linda Sommers stopping by on Tuesday mornings with her trusty sidekick, Scout, to greet me. I am the volunteer concierge at the OCC on Tuesdays.

This has been a very challenging year for all health care professionals and I am happy to see them all again.

 -       Susan Held Montgomery


Dr Behn,

You are awesome. Thank you for your professionalism,

Dedication and caring. You have been my confidant, security and safety net for almost ten year through this heart journey. I live my life full out because of confidence that you are always present for me. Plus, I adore you!

-        Rossie Carnes


Happy National Doctors Day Dr. Tiffani Dennis you are the best PCP any family could ask for, you always go above and beyond to help us out and we appreciate you.

-        Sharon Jones


Thank you for everything; you are the best! God bless you!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our Radiologists! They don't get a lot of recognition as they are in the "background" of our health but are still there by our sides helping with our patients and sometimes even holding their hands during procedures.

-        Jessica L.


Thank you to all the caring and wonderful doctors at Jefferson OB. My family (and babies) are so very grateful for your expertise. Special shout out to Dr. Arnold, Kilfoil, and Wamoff. You guys always make me feel like I'm in good hands!

-        Jennifer Joy-Gaba


Dear Dr. Mark Prichard and Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Raymond,


You both took amazing care of my mom as she fought metastatic breast cancer for 8.5 years. You treated her with wisdom, compassion, respect, and dignity, just as you would your own family. My family and I are so grateful for your selfless focus on improving her quality of life and exploring available treatment options with her.


We actually came to look forward our visits with you, and we never once doubted that you had Mom's best interests and care in mind with every decision.


Dr. Prichard, you made yourself available even when you were off work and not on call. I tried to never take advantage of that and appreciated that so much!


I think of you all now as friends, and not just as her medical team. Thank you for your incredible care and love.



Tracy Bizzarri (and family)


On National Doctors' Day, I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all the staff at The Center for Plastic Surgery at Sentara Martha Jefferson, and in particular to Dr Brian Showalter for his kindness, empathy, and skill. Everyone there already knows just how much I value them, but I like that today I get the opportunity to shout it out loud rather than just to them personally. The team provide excellent care and make you feel that you are in good hands, which you absolutely are. I think they are amazing and they definitely deserve to be mentioned on this special day.

-        Anonymous


To Every single Emergency Room Physician, PA, NP, Nurse, EMT, Coordinator, Pharmacist, and Security Personnel...



For being here 24/7 when you wanted to be elsewhere

Throughout these crazy times! We so appreciate you, we love you and want you to know that we have your backs!! You are our front door to the community and are doing an amazing job in a tough situation, so again You ROCK!!! Frontline Warriors ♥️

-        Anonymous


MJH doctors are the BEST...thoughtful, considerate, patient, caring, efficient, intelligent, problem solvers. I trust the care of my dearest loved ones with these physicians.

Thank you, MJH doctors, for all your hard work!!!

-        Anonymous


Dr Friesen

I want to thank you for everything you have done and what you're doing now for me

-      Barbara Crowther


dr. gunther you are terrific. i appreciate so much the surgery on my shoulder. be well and know your patients love you. your care and respect are greatly admired.

-        p. cranfill


Please tell Dr. Meghan Swanson just how much she is admired and respected by the Keswick community. We are beyond blessed to have an orthopedic surgeon who is remarkably talented, authentic, gracious, and compassionate. You are truly one spectacular surgeon and an asset to the healthcare industry.

-        Anonymous


Thanks for all you and your teams do every day to ensure the safest, best medical practices, procedures and strategies are provided to your patients and to the greater Central Virginia community.

-        Rick and Susan Randolph


Wishing all the doctors at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital a Happy Doctors Day! Thank you for your skills and dedication and for making the hospital feel like home with your care and compassion. We cannot express our appreciation to you enough for being the frontline warriors in this pandemic! You’re the real gems of our nation!

-        Larry and Lynn Martin



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