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Expressions of Gratitude from our Community


• Words cannot express my gratitude for your selflessness, bravery, and sacrifice this year.
—Rachael Reynolds

• You can do this! It is hard, but remember we see you! We see your sacrifices and your all being given to support our community. You are our backbone and we appreciate all you do!

• Merry Christmas to all the heroes at Martha Jefferson Hospital care team. Thank you isn't nearly enough to say for your strength, compassion, courage, and sacrifice. Take care of each other as you take care of those who need you. I pray each of you have your every need provided.
In His name and blessings to you!

Marilyn Sanderson, Franklin, TN

• Thank you to all of my friends and colleagues who are working so exceptionally hard to protect our patients and this community. New Year's Blessings and Wishes to You All!
Kimberly Skelly

• Thank you for your selfless acts everyday. We thank you, We love you and We support you!

• Thanks to the Oncology/Hematology Department. You all were always an awesome team. Covid 19 has shown everyone how bright your wings truly are. Miss you all. Stay Safe!
Brenda Braxton

• Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone on our wonderful staff. You all are literally lifesaving angels!
Lynne Owen

• It is with the deepest gratitude, that we thank all the Doctors, nurses and staff who have been serving our community with diligence, care and love. Putting your own health and safety at risk is the ultimate sacrifice of service. We wish you a blessed, joyous Christmas and a healthy, hopeful, peaceful New Year.

—Ginnie and Peter Gillen

• Thanks to everyone on the SMJH TEAM! I had a recent emergency surgery and can't say enough about all the amazing care I received. 
Let's hope that 2021 is a brighter year for all of us! Happy holidays to all!

—Demi Runkle

• Thank you for your amazing care and concern during this horrible pandemic. I know that all of the patients appreciate it. Wishing you Happy Holidays and we all are looking forward to 2021 and the vaccine.
—Michele and Jim Huggett

• I want to thank the screeners at both doors (so friendly), the doctors, nurses and staff in the Cancer Center (incredibly committed) and all the members of the teams on Cornell 2 and Wendel 2 for the excellent care they have given and continue to give my husband. We are both so fortunate to have you all here in Charlottesville.
—Colleen Church

• Thanks for all you do. Stay Well !!!
—Samuel Caughron MD and staff

• Merry Christmas to all our health care heroes! You are all in my prayers every day.

—Becky Schmitz

• Thank you for being there when loved ones cannot! Thank you for the endless hours you are putting in and for your dedication to your patients! You are true HEROES!!

• Thank you one and all for your dedication to our hospital and to our community. You all have inspired many others to take part in our area for this cause. God bless you all.
—Jim Thomas

• To all the pandemic front line workers,
You have my deepest appreciation. Never doubt that who you are makes a difference.
With gratitude and prayers for all,
—Alicia Wheeler

• Many thanks for all of the SMJH for patient care in every aspect of daily commitment. All of you are heroes serving daily in a most challenging time of our lives. God bless each and all of the support of the community for their outpouring support in these difficult times.

• Your hospital team took care of me when I lived in Cville.
I live in RVA now but still get your updates. Y'all are the most caring and compassionate physicians I've come had the pleasure of knowing. Greene and UVA are in my heart as well. When Drs say "if you just need to talk give us a call". Those were in better days but that shows you how much your community of physicians cares.
Thank you for making a difference.

• Thank you to all the Nurses and Doctors in the Cancer Care Center who have provided the most wonderful and extraordinary care and treatment to my niece, Raleigh Minor, before and during the coronavirus. They show their exceptionalism daily even while putting their own lives in jeopardy. The "Caring Tradition" is alive and well at Martha Jefferson. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
—Carol H. Minetree

• As a volunteer, I know how hard you all work in normal times — now in these trying times, your dedication to your patients is so above & beyond anything that could have been imagined — just know that the community is grateful for the long hours you’re putting in & praying that you stay safe & well.

• I've always heard that becoming a doctor or nurse or other healthcare provider was a "calling" rather than a career choice. I have a new understanding of this distinction now as I watch you all put yourselves at risk to provide care to our patients. And I am in awe. I am so proud to be part of this SMJH broad community and so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you.
—Carol Hurt

• How can we thank you? Words can't express the deep gratitude we have for all you are doing to help your patients and the community stay safe and healthy, while putting yourself at risk. You are all brave and courageous. You are a blessing to all of us.
With blessings and thanks,
—Ginnie and Pete Gillen

• We continue to be so grateful every day for the sacrifices you all are making. Thank you for putting your own health on the line and for caring for people in our community. You are truly heroes!
—Jon and Lauren Thompson

• To all team members at SMJH:
I wish to personally thank you for your brave, persistent, dedicated and courageous heroics during these difficult times. I did not really realize, until lately, how much it means to me to be able to serve your patients and how much all of the employees are a special part of my life. I miss you !
Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers - we will overcome this and be better for it.
Be safe and may God bless you,
—Rich Severin, Volunteer - Imaging Center

• Dear Doctors, Nurses and all the folks at MJH who work so hard to care for the ill who depend on them in a crisis. Thank you for your skills and expertise and just as important ...your caring spirit and gentle, thoughtful interaction with the many vulnerable patients, family and friends who count on you to care for their loved ones.
In appreciation.
—Joyce Robbins

• I'd like to express my gratitude during these stressful times to the Sentara Martha Jefferson Care Team especially my neighbor Bruce Clemons,M.D. and all of the staff at medical imaging where I volunteered. Hopefully I'll be back to work soon, tanned, rested and ready to go.
—Take care, Jim Hackett

• Dear Sentara Martha Jefferson Doctors, Nurses and Medical Support Team,
Thank you for all you do to care for all our patients during t this stressful time and always.
—Volunteer, Patricia Soule

• As a retired MJH employee and a current volunteer, I am so very aware of your efforts and appreciate them so much. The world and our community is a better place because of you. I wish you all good health and the protection of the good Lord.
—Barbara Whary

• Thank you for all that you are doing! I am so grateful that there are people like you to help us get through this crisis! Be well and be blessed!
—Anne G

• Only GOD can reward Doctors and Nurses appropriately!!!
We LOVE Ya'll
—Mike Dalton

• Thank you for putting your lives on the line from the people who clean the rooms to the nurses and doctors and everyone else who walks through the doors to continue doing your jobs.
—Ronna Gray

• Thank the courageous, tireless, empathetic healthcare warriors who are caring for us! From the rural medical offices to the ICU and everywhere in are our heroes! God bless you!
—Becky Schmitz

• The Martha Jefferson staff are Super Heroes! As a volunteer, I'm so very proud of each and every one of you. I only wish I could be there to help you, but know my thoughts and prayers are with all of you every day.
—Lynne Owen

• As a furloughed volunteer Concierge at Sentara Martha Jefferson in Charlottesville, I could not be prouder of the ER staff and health care workers on Cornell 2. On April 6 my husband suffered severe abdominal pain due to a bowel blockage. Although it was heart wrenching to leave him at a tent at the ER I was confident that he would receive excellent care. And I was right.He was evaluated, tested negative for Covid19, admitted and underwent surgery late that night. His surgeon, Dr. Gregg and all Cornell 2 staff took proper precautions for themselves and for him.
THANK YOU, you truly are heroes in our eyes.
—Susan Montgomery

• To the Infusion Center Staff: You're always there for us with a smile and a caring presence. And after 2+ years and 98 visits, you continue to amaze us at every visit!
Thanks & All the best to each of you.
—Daniel Murray

• Y'all are truly heroes! Thank you for putting your health on the line to protect our community. God bless.
—Erik Greenbaum

• TO: Doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and all supporting staff at Martha Jefferson. As a retired critical care nurse, I truly appreciate the work you are doing on the front lines day after day. The work is mentally and physically exhausting not to mention the threat to your loved ones and having to distance from them. I think of you and others all over the world who are fighting the battle on our behalf and pray for your safety and strength. We will never be able to thank you enough for your commitment to caring for those in need.
—Barbara Graham

• Thanks to the nurses and the doctors and the whole staff at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital!! You rock!!!

• Thank you medical staff for stepping into the storm and helping patients in need. You are all brave and strong and the best of humanity!

• Good Morning, or Afternoon, what ever shift you may be working on at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital. I want to personally say a Great Big Thank You, to all of the staff members at our "Community Hospital" It is because of You all that we can Carry on the "Caring Tradition" as we all have known in our Community; for so many years. Wishing each of You, as you are on the front lines, Good Health and Safety.
—Sincerely, Bryan Thomas

• You are our heroes!
—Demi Runkle, The Women's Committee, SMJH

• Thank you for your bravery, selflessness, and tireless efforts! You are true heroes! Stay safe and healthy!
—The Edmonds Family

• To ALL the health care workers!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you are doing. We are so...lucky to have all of you here. I miss not being there, but I understand why we are not and I appreciate the fact that you are still keeping us informed. Please be safe and take care. When we get to come back to volunteer, we want to see everyone there!
—Your Friend, Linda Burns and the other volunteers

• As a volunteer I know the terrific work SMJH has always done on a daily basis. I can only say a big Thank You for your extra dedication during this time.
—Gus Hamre



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