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The reason that many people give is to leave a legacy that touches the lives of others.  By sharing stories of grateful patients, gracious donors and others touched by Martha Jefferson, we show you how gifts to Martha Jefferson Cancer Care are resulting in improved health and well being.

The Impact of Giving in the Lives of Patients

Meet Jacquelyn

“I have confronted cancer not once, but twice,” says Jacquelyn, a recently retired educator at Clark Elementary in Charlottesville. “What’s more, my Dad and I had the same cancer!”

Jacquelyn’s most recent experience began in Fall 2017, just as school started and she began her 30th year as a speech pathologist. Jacquelyn and her husband decided she should go see her doctor at Martha Jefferson. “It was a shock to hear I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, just like my Dad, and it was very aggressive,” Jacquelyn recalls.

Jacquelyn immediately began intensive radiation and chemotherapy at Sentara Martha Jefferson. “What a blessing it is to be able to go to Martha Jefferson,” she says. “The doctors, nurses, and staff are all so knowledgeable and kind. I am grateful to them all,” she adds. “No one wants to go through cancer, but at Sentara Martha Jefferson, the experience is as good as it can be,” Jacquelyn emphasizes. “I adore my doctor, Andrew Romano, MD.”

Jacquelyn also appreciated the easily accessible and comforting services philanthropic support makes possible for cancer patients—like free wigs and scarves, massages to ease pain, individual nutritional, mental health, and financial counseling, and other simple acts of kindness for patients needing a little extra encouragement. “Most of all, it is the people,” she remembers. “They are quality! The nurses, the receptionist, everyone!” Jacquelyn also recalls their compassion for her concerned husband. “I’ll never forget the evening Dr. Romano called to say, ‘I think we’re going to be OK!’ I’m forever grateful for his expertise and kindness!” 

Jacquelyn returned to Clark Elementary, where she was welcomed home by her “sweet” students. She was able to retire right when she planned and is now cancer free!

Please help us save and restore more lives like Jacquelyn’s in the year ahead with your tax-deductible gift to the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation. The Foundation solely supports Martha Jefferson programs and 100% of your gift stays right here to benefit local patients, doctors, and nurses. We’ll be grateful for any amount you are able to give.

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Generous Support from a Local Family

The Phillips Cancer Center is named in honor of Ray and Jane Bellomy Phillips and in memory of their daughter, Debra. The Phillips are longtime friends and supporters of Martha Jefferson—both Ray and Jane were born at Martha Jefferson, and both have been lifetime community members.

The family’s ties to the hospital tightened in 1985, when Deb (as she preferred to be called) became a member of Martha Jefferson’s medical staff. She had fought thyroid cancer during her college years—successfully—and during her battle with the disease, she developed a strong desire to practice medicine. During her time with Martha Jefferson, Deb was involved with more than just her patients. Her generosity led her to get involved in the formation of the Charlottesville Free Clinic, and she also enjoyed time with her family, taking advantage of their close proximity.

In her early thirties, Deb was again diagnosed with cancer, this time in her breast. After valiantly fighting the disease for more than two years, Deb passed away in 1992, in the company of her parents at their home.  

As Ray and Jane looked to the opening of the new hospital, they both had a desire to share their success and establish a legacy to help others. The family has made a significant commitment that will help fund the provision of community cancer care services for the future, and Martha Jefferson sincerely thanks the Phillips for their dedication.


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