Living Tributes 

Commemorative Tree Plantings at Martha Jefferson Hospital

Green Hawthorn

Crataegus virdis 'Winter King'
(Green Hawthorn)
The 'Winter King' is one of the best hawthorns for landscape purposes.  A small deciduous tree with a rounded, vase-shape typically growing from 25-35' tall.  Features profuse white flowers which appear in spring in 2' diameter clusters and toothed elliptic, glossy green leaves which turn from red to purplish red in fall.  Small, crabapple-like fruits mature in the fall and persist throughout the winter.  Stems are an attractive silver-gray. 

White Flowering Dogwood details

Cornus florida
(White Flowering Dogwood)
The (white) flowering dogwood, is a small deciduous tree that typically grows 15-30 feet tall with a low-branching, broadly-pyramidal habit. It is the state tree of Virginia. It blooms in early spring (April). The flowers are tiny and yellowish green—in button-like clusters. Each cluster is surrounded by four showy, white, petal-like bracts that open flat. Oval, dark green leaves turn attractive shades of red in fall. Bright red fruits  mature in late summer to early fall.


Cercis canadensis
(Eastern Redbud)
Eastern redbud is a large deciduous shrub or small tree in the genus Cercis.  The leaves are alternate, simple, heart shaped with an entire margin, 3" to 5" inches long and wide, and thin and papery, and may be slightly hairy below.  The flowers are showy, light to dark magenta pink in color, and 1/2" long, appearing in clusters from Spring to early Summer, on bare stems before the leaves, sometimes on the trunk itself.

Amelanchier x 'Autumn Brilliance'
(Serviceberry) (no longer available)
The Autumn Brilliance is a cultivar of the Serviceberry.  A cross between A. arborea and A. x  grandflora, Amelanchier x 'Autumn Brilliance'  is a deciduous, early-flowering large shrub or small tree featuring 5-petaled, showy, slightly fragrant, white flowers in drooping clusters (racemes) which appear before the leaves emerge in early spring.  Finely toothed, obovate, bluish green leaves (2-5" long) change to brilliant orange-red in autumn.


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