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Commemorative Tree Plantings at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

When Martha Jefferson set out to design a new hospital on a new campus, a set of guiding principles was created to ensure that the hospital would fit into the landscape and foster a healing experience for patients and their families, both inside and outside the physical walls of the building. Matching the spirit of the Caring Tradition delivered inside each day to the hospital's surroundings was a key priority. Martha Jefferson was positioned strategically to orient the majority of patient rooms to the southwest, toward unparalleled views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with the understanding that nature can provide a powerful healing force in our lives.

Commemorative Grove

A new commemorative opportunity is available for donors wishing to make a gift in the amount of $1,000 in honor or memory of an individual. 

The Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation has established a Commemorative Tree Fund, to which individuals may direct their gift to the planting of a special tree (chosen from three identified species) to be located in the area designated for these plantings in The Master Campus Landscaping Plan.


Master Campus Landscaping Plan

The Master Campus Landscaping Plan identifies an area located on the lower campus near the northwestern corner of the Phillips Cancer Center for the planting of a grove of 80 trees. 

The first phase of the planting of the commemorative grove will include 40 trees to be added along the path that joins the amphitheater (upper campus) with the lower campus, creating a contiguous grove of strikingly colored blossoms and/or foliage. Click here to view the list of installed commemorative trees.

Commemorative Recognition

At the conclusion of the grove's development, a plaque will be placed near the entrance to the grove with the names of donors and those honored. A marker also is installed at the base of each tree, identifying the common name of the tree species and the name of the individual for whom the tree is commemorated. These gifts will be listed annually in the Martha Jefferson Magazine.


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