Haden Institute for Nursing Excellence & Innovation at Martha Jefferson

The Martha Jefferson Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Haden Institute for Nursing Excellence and Innovation at the hospital.  The Institute makes permanent the Hospital's commitment to a nursing service second to none and builds upon Martha Jefferson's strong cultural tradition and community-centric focus.

It is hard to imagine that another hospital or community anywhere committing to investing $20 million into what is arguably the single most important component of healthcare.

The Institute is envisioned as an investment in our people - for example, nurses returning to school for their Bachelor's degree (BSN) will, per current research, directly improve patient outcomes and reduce patient mortality.  This fall, 57 nurses on philanthropy funded scholarships are already in school, but we have a way to go.  Our goal is 180 BSN's at the bedside by 2020.

The Institute is a $20 million vision, to be supported through philanthropy (of which $5 million has been committed) for the following:

  • Nursing education with an emphasis on the attainment of BSN and higher degrees.
  • Continuing education programs for nurses, including advanced certification programs.
  • Translational research conducted by nurses and the implementation of evidence-based practices.
  • Design and testing of innovations in nursing care delivery and nursing retention models.

For more information on how to support the Institute, please email Ray Mishler, VP, Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation, or phone (434) 654-8258.


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