Gifts of Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Do you have appreciated securities? Would you like to avoid or reduce the capital gains tax you might owe? Consider gifting them to Martha Jefferson:

  • For an outright gift of securities, you can deduct the full present value of the securities, not their original lower cost.
  • Tax-wise, a gift of stock can be more advantageous than giving an equivalent amount of cash.
  • A gift of securities can be used to generate a new source of lifetime income, while significantly affecting your capital gains implications.

The gift is easy to make with no complicated forms or paperwork on your part.

The Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation encourages gifts of stocks, bonds, stock options, and shares of mutual funds. With a gift of appreciated securities held for the required holding period, donors are entitled to a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value (FMV) of the stock in the year of the gift. The FMV is determined by the mean of the high and low sales prices on the date the stock is given to Martha Jefferson. The donor generally will not incur a capital gains tax.

Stock gifts are made through the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation using one of four methods:

  • A Martha Jefferson Account at Your Brokerage
    • Most local brokers have an account for Martha Jefferson that can facilitate a transfer directly from your account to the Foundation's account. Please call our offices for assistance at (434) 654-8258.
  • Broker-to-Broker Transfer
    • If a donor's broker or bank does not have an account for Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital, the fastest and most secure method for transferring stock is through the depository trust company (DTC). Make the transfer to DTC # 0141 (Wells Fargo Advisors) for credit to A/C #5330-6800 Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation. Please notify the Foundation Office of the transfer by phone (434) 654-8258 or by fax (434) 654-7316.
  • Direct Transfer
    • To donate a stock certificate that is in your name, please call our offices for assistance at (434) 654-8258. Martha Jefferson's tax ID number is 54-0261840.
  • Securities Registered to Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation
    • Donating securities to the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation requires sending the certificate to the Foundation Office by registered mail or overnight courier. Please contact our Foundation Gift Staff at (434) 654-8258 for more information and delivery instructions.

To learn how we recognize our generous donors, please see Donor Recognition.



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